Reliable sourcing manufacturers for medical, emergency, first aid products

Who are we ?

N&J LIFE SUPPORT LTD has been created in 2015. His founder is French. Qualified first aid Instructor, Emergency Nurse (experienced in ER, EMS-Rescue) and then Sales Representative-Clinical Specialist for Critical Care products in the medical industry, he accrued more than 15 years of experience in this field. Since several years he developed his network with the Asian manufacturers of medical and emergency products.

In Asia you'll find all kind of products, in the medical field like the others, there's the best and the baddest quality, while the photos look like beautiful.

My mission is to support you to find the best...

What can we do for you?

- Use our experience and network to find the reliable manufacturers able to produce or who produce already the required products (disposables, devices accessories and some devices).

- Use our experience to develop some innovative products

- Assist the importers in their OEM/ODM product development process or customization, with a strict confidentiality

- Organize the tests/certifications with reliable known certification companies

- Follow-up the manufacturing process

- Put in contact with intellectual property legal firm, if necessary (pattern, trade mark...)


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