Is your facility equipped for a sudden

cardiac arrest (SCA)?

What's a sudden cardiac arrest?

Cardiac arrest is the abrupt loss of heart function in a person who may or may

not have diagnosed heart disease. The time and mode of death are

unexpected. It occurs instantly or shortly after symptoms appear (chest pain).

If the victim doesn't get immediate first aid from the witnesses, it quickly leads to death. Signs: The victim in cardiac arrest is unresponsive and doesn't breath (or doesn't breath normally - gasps).

Why can`t I just call EMS and wait?

The heart must be “defibrillated” quickly, because a victim’s chance of surviving drops by 7 to 10% for every minute a normal heartbeat isn’t restored.

In Thailand, EMS need more than 10 min to come and all EMS teams are not equipped by AED/Defibrillator.

How to optimize the survival rate?

To expect the best survival chances, witnesses role is essential, as you can see on the international guidelines survival chain. Lay rescuers are the witnesses!

In Thailand, official national EMS phone No is 1669 (BDMS group: 1724).

Each minute saved to use an AED = 10% additional survival rate ! That`s why install AED everywhere is so important.

In practice, what should I do?

This video shows you the good reaction to have front of victim who collapsed. EMS dispatcher (1669) can help you to check the breath if you don't know how to do it.

That`s easy and can save a life. Maybe your colleague, son, wife, husband... Everyone is concerned at every age!

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